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Reddit Hivemind

Reddit doesn’t get its hivemind reputation for nothing. It is very well known that information cascades or “herding” is super prevalent but until recently not too many studies have been done and reddit hasn’t released their own internal data either. But … Continue reading

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Influencer Marketing – An Under Researched Ad Space

Since the internet’s inception, advertising has been THE biggest way to monetize a site. None do it better than Google’s AdSense and AdWords advertising platforms which have been the cash cows for the Silicon Valley behemoth. Facebook followed suit with their Facebook … Continue reading

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Urban Traffic: More Roads Don’t Mean Less Traffic

It is estimated that by 2030 the cumulative cost of traffic congestion in the United States will reach 2.8 Trillion Dollars. The usual way we have responded to this situation is build more highways and roads. However, as Adam Mann, an Angeleno … Continue reading

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