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“The World is so big, I want to have a look”

Freedom of Speech on Chinese Internet As a Chinese student studying in the US, I can feel my world expand and shrink every time I cross the borders of these two countries. In America, I am free to post personal updates … Continue reading

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Ad Blockers V.S Acceptable Ads

In the digital advertisement market, the growing systems and usage of adblockers by web surfers and consumers have resulted in growing tension between adblockers and ad-based revenue companies such as Google and Facebook(as the two companies controlled 64% of the digital ad … Continue reading


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The Influence of Artificial Intelligence on Social Networks

Artificial intelligence seems to encourage and incubate more social interactions on the web, such implementing algorithms that automatically recognize and tag your friends in photographs. But at the same time, although programs involving artificial intelligence may provide more accurate Facebook … Continue reading

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