Antisocial Networks

Forget cat videos and sneezing pandas, the latest viral phenomenon is self-deprecating posts, prompting a “that’s so me” reaction. This is most prominently seen on Instagram, with popular accounts such as The Fat Jewish and Girl With No Job.

“Everyone is surprised to realize that other people feel the same way about staying in and watching Netflix. Most people wouldn’t admit out loud that they’d prefer to binge watch TV and eat pizza instead of going out to the fanciest dinner or club. It’s nice to know you’re not the only one.”

The popularity of these posts can be attributed to the assumed “susceptibility” of the readers/viewers, corresponding to the SIR/SIS models. Being that there are more people that can relate to these posts, we can deem them susceptible. The larger the population of susceptible individuals, the greater the chances of “spreading” and of posts becoming viral. This explains the surge of said self-deprecating posts in social media, a change from the historically popular posts of clean eating, fitness tips, and fancy trips.

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