European Commision Fining Google for Web Search Abuse

Web Search has been an important topic throughout lecture and our textbook. We typically analyze how the algorithms work rather than the legal issues they can cause. This article delves into a lawsuit between the European Commission and Google. After investigating Google for 7 years, the commission claims that Google is unlawfully skewing search results to benefit themselves. Google has a monopoly in the search engine space and it seems like they are using their engine to ensure that it remains that way.

To most of us, this may seem like a simple business decision that any company would make, but it may have some serious consequences. The commission is fining Google for 3 billion pounds (4.3 billion US dollars). Part of the reason that the investigation has been so lengthy and difficult is that Google won’t release the details of their algorithms.  The article doesn’t go into depth on the success probability of the fine or what laws would prohibit Google from tampering with their algorithms to crush the competition.


Google faces record-breaking fine for web search monopoly abuse

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