Google Launches New Tools for Marketers

“Google Launches New Tools for Marketers” was an article recently featured in the Wall Street Journal that describes Google’s recent addition to the advertising market – Google Analytics 360 Suite. Using a combination of new products and updated existing tools, Google hopes to provide marketers with a centralized platform to collect and store customer information.

Comprised of six separate tools, the goal of this system is to give marketers an integrated, single view of the entire customer journey. To do this, Google aims to provide context as to why a customer initially visited a site, identify similarities in page views and purchases, and furthermore tailor future advertisements to that customer using this information. The article identifies two impressive tools in the package – the Google Audience Center 360 and Google Optimize 360. The Audience Center is a DMP, or data-managing platform, is a tool that can store and analyze customer data across different platforms, which connects with ad-buying software to provide the information needed for targeted ad buys. Google Optimize enables marketers to customize their websites for certain types of visitors, creating an automated market personalization process. The article highlights the aspect of integration of the Google Suite, not only amongst the tools it offers, but also with third party instruments. For example, the Google tools are compatible with AdWords and DoubleClick products.

By describing the offerings of Google’s new advertising platform, one can gain a more comprehensive perspective regarding the importance of gamesmanship in the online marketing sphere. Unlike Vickery-Clarke-Groves advertising that promotes truthful bidding from marketers, the Google tools create a second-price auction without the truthfulness, forming a game with multiple Nash equilibrium. The complexity of these new tools builds on the dimensions by which marketers can choose to target customers. Additionally, by increasing the depth and breadth of the analytics available to marketers, Google is rapidly changing the dynamics of advertising. Moving forward, it will be interesting to observe the ways in which pay off is maximized, for both consumers and producers, through more direct and targeted marketing.

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