Knowledge Networks for Entrepreneurs

In this day and age, especially in Silicon Valley, it seems as if the air is constantly abuzz with new business ventures as “entrepreneur” is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. But what does it take to be an entrepreneur and where does one draw these ideas from? Largely the creativity for great ideas is sparked by intersections of different fields or knowledge or experiences. To aid in stimulating these intersections it is beneficial to have a diverse background of knowledge and experiences to draw upon. By drawing upon this knowledge we access our knowledge network. Knowledge networks “consists of all of the people you share information with and seek information from and people with whom you exchange experiences and resources, including your friends, family members, cashiers, librarians, doctors, museum docents and Uber drivers”.

Knowledge networks contribute to more than just the creation of great ideas but also the innovation within a company. It is very difficult to be an expert in every aspect involved with running a company. However, successful entrepreneurs have a wide breadth of knowledge to understand the workings of these various aspects to keep the company functioning smoothly. This wide breadth of knowledge traditionally is gained through life experience, education, and work experiences. Although we accrue much information in this way it is not always fast paced enough to keep up with the rush of business.

Just as startups have been “revolutionizing” the world we live in and “disrupting” industries, so too have knowledge networks evolved to foster this growth. Facebook along with other social networking sites has allowed unparalleled access to our social networks. Now knowledge networks have taken a similar approach of allowing you pick the knowledge networks to immerse yourself in. These networks allow for rapid increases in your knowledge due to the fact that you now have an incredibly diverse set of experiences to draw from. Empowered by these networks entrepreneurs can increase their knowledge more rapidly than traditional methods to help propel their business ahead of the curve.


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